Monday, May 13, 2013

Adorable, Teaser Post

Isn't he just adorable?? So much chubbiness makes you just want to squeeze him all over! He was such a behaved little boy, hardly ever complained. He had this expression that looked like he has perpetually in deep thought. Cute!!!

There were a few rare moments when he would relax his eyebrows, he looked like a completely different baby! Its amazing how little ones can have so many different expressions at such an early age! I enjoy trying to capture them all :) 

Stay tuned for more!!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Princess, Teaser Post

Many of you know the famous loud, quirky and animated DJ Nicole Hyala. What many don't recognize is that beneath all the theater that comes with being a celebrity is a truly hardworking and strong woman with a joyful and calm spirit.

I've got tons of amazing photos that I'd love to share, but in the mean time do enjoy these few snippets of their BIRTHstory. It was indeed one filled with strength, support and genuine love :)

What a blessing to be able to witness this birth. Congratulations on a behaved and beautiful little Princess :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Photobooks, a WORTH IT investment :)

Photobooks are quite tedious for a photographer to make. I spend at least a whole work day (sometimes 2) choosing, editing, formatting and arranging pictures to make sure they do justice to the "STORY" of my clients. However, I am a believer that photos in a hard drive somewhere will eventually be forgotten, but photos when printed, are timeless. So I encourage you to print those pictures, compile them in an album, or if you have a little extra budget then a photobook is definitely worth it.

Below are some sample of photobooks I have made for my clients. Do enjoy! :)

BIRTHstory Photobook: 

PREGGYstory Photobook:

HOMEstory Photobook:

(customized cover)

A Superhero's Baby Shower, a PREGGYstory

I am a person of details, so themed occasions absolutely thrill me! This was a Superhero-themed baby shower organized by the Mathay sisters. The decor, food and even games were all in theme! It was such a joy to photograph :) 

Mommy and Daddy were such sports too in their superhero capes! :) 

The best part was the games! Everyone had a blast! There were so many happy-laughing moments, I found myself laughing along in the background :D

Congratulations to Superhero parents, I do hope to meet your handsome little one one day :)