Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Twice the LOVE!, Teaser Post

What an awesome day! Couldn't wait until I browsed through all my hundreds of pictures before posting this. Such adorable twins!!! 

L1 and L2 in their baptismal outfits. Doesn't she just look so dainty and feminine and he so "macho" and playful?

Extremely adorable! I cant say it enough! Love their outfits here :) Thanks to Ninang C for picking them out.

CUTENESS!!!!!!! :) It was tough getting them both in this position, he was a crawler and wanted to go places! She was a bit different though and simply loved it in this nook!

Hmmmmm... flash-forward, 18 years from now? hehehe :) More pictures to come, stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Many Came to Celebrate this Little One, Teaser Post

How quickly a newborn baby's face changes. Yesterday I didnt think he could get any cuter, but look at him today! What a handsome young fellow :) More to come soon!

NEWS FLASH! MSP will be raising prices soon.

To my dear clients...

I will be raising prices for reservations made after February 2013. BOOK NOW! :)

I am blessed to have found something that I really enjoy and so when I started photographing births, I didn't think so much about how much I would charge. I simply felt blessed to be able to something that I love. However, following your passion does not mean that it comes easy. A lot of missed vacations to make sure I am present at a customer's birth, sleepless nights staying awake with families as they go through labor, aching arms from carrying my crazy heavy equipment for hours, days spent editing photos and videos have gone into my photography... it has been about a year now and I'd like to think it is time to give myself some credit for my hard work. 

So dear clients, I hope for your understanding. Childbirth photography is not just about documenting a medical procedure. To me, it is about capturing moments and memories, emotions felt during such a special time in your family. I look forward to capturing your moments for you :)

As a fellow photographer put it "There is much more to birth photography than the actual moment of birth.  So much more.  It’s the birth environment, the light in the room, the details, the comings and goings of those who are there.  It’s mom holding on to dad in pain, the doula offering a supportive hand, the midwife making suggestions for pain relief and the OB preparing and helping mom push.  It’s the baby placed on moms chest for the first time, the tears of joy, pure adrenaline, the cutting of the cord and babies little toes and fingers.  It’s the first time a sibling meets a new baby brother or sister with a look of wonder and apprehension.  It’s all of those things put together.  It’s the journey of a birth day.  It’s the making of a family.  It’s special.  And if a family chooses so, it deserves to be captured." I could not have said it better.

Monday, February 18, 2013

"Dont Mess With Me", Teaser Post

Little boy is so ready to meet his big brother... hehehe :) I love how newborn babies make the most adorable poses, as if they know they're being photographed! :D

Im a Big Brother, Teaser Post

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Luckiest Baby Boy, a BIRTHstory slideshow

Family + Little Ms. Long Lashes, a HOMEstory

Just a few weeks after delivering her baby, Mommy P invited me over to do their HOMEstory. I was excited to join them as this was going to be my first Indian family to photograph. I spent some time in India when I was still working in the corporate world and was amazed by their colorful culture! 

True enough, we had our lovely share of kurtis and sarees in such vibrant colors! Grandma was even there to prepare some authentic samosas and Indian sweets that brought me right back to the time I was in Mumbai.

As they are only in Manila temporarily, Mommy P also wanted some classic shots to remind her of the place where she birthed her daughter.

I love little baby parts! As time passes, its easy to forget how small our children used to be. I'd like to think of this as a reminder of how you cared for them at a time when they were so tiny and fragile.

Mommy P took childbirth classes with Chiqui Brosas. She delivered her first baby in Mumbai via c-section. Sadly, it was not her choice and she felt forced into it. This second time around, she wanted to do all she could to deliver her baby naturally. When she spoke to me of her birth, I was amazed! She chose to labor most of the time at her own home and said she was glad that she did. Labor seemed so much easier in a comfortable and familiar place. Plus she had her family and household help around her for emotional and physical support! Labor progressed quickly. Just a few moments after she got to the hospital she was ready to push her baby out! Maybe it is true what natural advocates say, that laboring in the hospital where you are constantly poked, prodded and given a time limit can pressure a mom and slow down labor. Anyway, I was so proud of her for going through it...

I recall Mommy telling me how attached her eldest daughter was to her, to the point that she'd get jealous when her own Daddy would get close. I imagined it being tough on her having a newborn little sister. But I pleasantly surprised when I came to photograph them. She came to me proud of her little sister, telling me how she was a big sister now. Even more adorable was how playful, sweet and loving she was towards her sister during the shoot. She really took being an older sister to heart, it was such a heart-warming thing to witness.

What a beautiful family indeed. Welcome to the world Little Ms. Long Lashes! 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Daddy's Little Girl, Teaser Post

What a special moment... when Daddy holds his baby girl in his arms. It took all of me to hold back my tears! Congratulations to the family for such a wonderful blessing :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Three Months Later, Teaser Post

Oh how time flies! I first photographed this boy when he was still in him mother's belly. A few months later, I saw him at the hospital nursery for his NEWBORNstory shoot. Its been three months since and that once small boy has grown so much! Look at those chubby cheeks!!!! :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

#ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines, Teaser Post

Daddy and Mommy were both accomplished career people working abroad. They were home together for a few days to prepare for their birth and I had the privilege to photograph them during their mini-babymoon. Despite being extremely busy people, they had a calm to them making this one of the most relaxing and easy shoots I've had! 

We ended our photo session with a beautiful sunset shot that I think aptly summarizes the great day we had.