Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Real Moments, a NEWBORNstory

I love how a single photo can bring a rush of memories. 

Choreography helps create a good photo, however to me, a great photo is one that portrays a real moment. In every session, I strive to capture that untainted, unedited, unmaneuvered moment that families can look back and remember that special time in their lives.

I captured so many beautiful posed shots of Baby C, but these are my favorites. To me, it brings out the reality of first time parents and having a newborn baby.


"My Little Baby Girl"


Embracing Filipino Traditions, a BAPTISMstory

Not long ago, I photographed the pregnancy and birth of this beautiful family. One year later, this baby has grown to a sweet and handsome boy. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Welcome Home, a NEWBORNstory (Ida for My Story Photography)

I am really grateful to have met Ida, a fellow photographer that shares my passion for birth photography. She has become an awesome partner with great talent. Here is a sneak peak at her most recent work for MSP.

  Look at that smile...

 Big Brother welcoming

One day there'll be two little boys jumping on the bed :)

(c) Ida for My Story Photography