Friday, November 15, 2013

Little Ladies, a BIRTHstory

I had so much fun during this shoot. It was great to witness such a Christ-centered joyful family. They stood by each other throughout this very special moment. They were excited together, nervous together, enjoying together... being one as a family should be. It was very encouraging to be part of it.

So much laughter and happy tears were shed, my heart was moved. I snapped silently in the background, but deep inside I held back my own happy tears.

To top it all, a smiley bright-eyes little lady was born. Maybe joy is inherited? :) Simply adorable... :)

Life is worth celebrating :)

To Infinity and Beyond!, A First Birthday

Before anything, I would like to apologize for not being able to update my blog. I have been a bit overwhelmed with all the work cut out for me, not to mention my extra-curricular work activities. If anyone is interested, I am open to hiring a part-time back-up to help me document births and edit pictures. Please contact me at +632-2115007 or

Anyway, going back... one of the many lovely things about a birth photographer is bearing witness to such lovely babies born -- but even more lovely is being able to see them grow!

I cant believe that it has been 1 whole year since my first water birth. I will forever remember that experience of how brave and strong a mother's body is and how it is completely capable of birthing a baby on its own. 

click HERE for more on their BIRTHstory.

Six months after, I was able to photograph baby L at his baptism...

...and now at his first birthday! My does time fly! 

He is such a loved little boy! I look up at his parents for being so hands-on. Imagine, Mommy is still purely breastfeeding (that in itself is tough, I know because I did that too), they are both working a full time job, and they choose not to have a nanny! Oh my... what heroes!

On top of all that, they are artists so they were determined to get everything perfect. And perfect it was! They thought of every single detail of the party! From the customized backdrop, the gigantic cake, the themed balloons and centerpieces, the dessert corner, giveaways, prizes, entertainment, photo corner... even the family costumes! Superheroes indeed!

His parents always remind him that I was the first to see him (what a privilege!!!)... somewhere inside, I think he remembers :)

Happy happy birthday little Baby L. I pray unlimited blessings upon you and your family. May you be healthy and overflowing in love :)