Monday, March 18, 2013

Home Around the World, a PREGGYstory Slideshow

Maternity shoots are always so fun. We get to take tons of awesome pictures. Above is the photo slideshow in continuation of their PREGGYstory! Enjoy :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Great Things Come To Those Who Wait, Teaser Post

After over 16 hours of labor, we welcome sweet Baby S into the world! I have been quite busy and unable to keep up with my blog posts so hope you enjoy these fre teaser pictures for now. I cant wait to blog about their BIRTHstory, it was truly one filled with simple joys, family, hard work and happiness :) Congratulations for such a beautiful birth and perfect baby!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Old Has Gone, Personal Photography

It's been awhile since I have volunteered for Church. Im glad I'm doing it again! It really is a blessing to give back. In some way it actually feels like I am getting more from it than I am giving. Here's a little snippet from my first volunteer work at a water baptism :)

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A Little Side Trip to Old Manila, Personal Photography :)

I heard once that chefs hardly eat gourmet food on a daily basis. At the end of a long day of cooking, they opt for the easy and quick fast food! Now that I am a profesional photographer, I often feel the same. Rare are the moments when I bring my huge camera with me. But a trip to Intramuros could not go un-photographed! Here's a little memento of that trip. :)

Side note: Any takers for a PREGGYstory or HOMEstory shoot in Intramuros? I almost forgot how beautiful and interesting the place is!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Blessed with A BEAUTIFULLY BIG Baby, Teaser Post

These parents have such a blessed testimony! Will share more about their BIRTHstory soon. In the meantime, enjoy this whole lot of chubby cuteness!!! :)

Baby was born 8.15lbs! Mommy was beautifully sexy, gaining 25lbs of just baby! Amazing :)

Stay tuned for more! :)

Home Around The World, a PREGGYstory *UPDATED*

I met this couple during their doctor's visit back home in Manila. They have such an interesting story of friendship, hardship, love and now the blessing of a child! :) I wish I could share their story openly with you, but I have yet to get their permission. In the meantime, do enjoy their PREGGYstory.

Mommy was such a "sexy momma" at 8 months! We took some really cute belly shots :)

I love this one of Daddy kissing Mommy's belly :) Really sweet...

One of the perks of living around the world is the chance to shop for all sorts of cute baby clothes! Seeing their spread of baby clothes makes me realize how limited our local collection is! Hmmmm... anyone want to design and sell baby wear? There may be a market! Hehe. Anyway, these little black baby shoes are just so adorable! Plus, really cute matching outfits!!!

It was a clear day and we just HAD to do the classic sunset picture! PRETTY PRETTY!!! :) This couple is next in line for their BIRTHstory shoot and I am on my toes waiting for my phone to ring letting me know they are in labor! Stay tuned and meet their baby girl soon!

The Guitarist and The Music Lover, a PREGGYstory

Before we agreed to do the shoot, I tried to get to know a little bit about this couple's hobbies and passions. He plays the guitar and she loves listening to music. When you think about it, it actually makes for a lovely pair. Anyway, we tried to incorporate a little bit of that in our shoot that day. :) Maybe one day down the road, Baby L will look back at the pictures and understand why she is so musically inclined... :) 

It was such a pleasure to photograph this couple. They are just such a chill and relaxed couple, and I think the "calm" reflected in the pictures. 

One really cool thing I found out about them that day was that they had somewhat of a passion for ink. Uniquely, the passion started with Mommy and eventually Daddy got into it too - we just had to do some shots that showed off their art. Cool fact: Daddy's ink is actually baby's name. :)

This is my second PREGGYstory in Sofitel, and I love it here because not only do they have really clean and contemporary architecture, they also have an amazing sunset view!!! We spent our last few shots outdoors enjoying the natural "sun-kissed" glow of the Manila sunset.

For our last few shots.... yup, you guessed it! How could we not have that lovely sunset picture! Looking forward to meeting you Baby L! Just a few more weeks to go!!! Stay tuned for their NEWBORNstory. :)