Friday, March 8, 2013

Home Around The World, a PREGGYstory *UPDATED*

I met this couple during their doctor's visit back home in Manila. They have such an interesting story of friendship, hardship, love and now the blessing of a child! :) I wish I could share their story openly with you, but I have yet to get their permission. In the meantime, do enjoy their PREGGYstory.

Mommy was such a "sexy momma" at 8 months! We took some really cute belly shots :)

I love this one of Daddy kissing Mommy's belly :) Really sweet...

One of the perks of living around the world is the chance to shop for all sorts of cute baby clothes! Seeing their spread of baby clothes makes me realize how limited our local collection is! Hmmmm... anyone want to design and sell baby wear? There may be a market! Hehe. Anyway, these little black baby shoes are just so adorable! Plus, really cute matching outfits!!!

It was a clear day and we just HAD to do the classic sunset picture! PRETTY PRETTY!!! :) This couple is next in line for their BIRTHstory shoot and I am on my toes waiting for my phone to ring letting me know they are in labor! Stay tuned and meet their baby girl soon!

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