Thursday, July 26, 2012

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Monday, July 16, 2012

After Much Anticipation, We Welcome Baby "S", a BIRTHstory

In continuation to my “31 HOURS OF LABOR AND LOVE” post, this entry is dedicated to Baby “S”. After over a day of laboring, Daddy, Mommy and even I were all exhausted. The delivery went by quickly and smoothly and within a few minutes, Baby “S” was welcomed to the world!

She was in no way exhausted like the rest of us though. She came out with an immediate huge cry with her long fingers and toes sprawled all over the place! In my joy, I almost forgot to snap away!

In that moment I thought to myself, I love this job… no, wait… it no longer felt like a job but something I truly enjoyed. In that moment my heart was full. I completely forgot about my lack of sleep and was smiling ear to ear, mesmerized by this newborn creature of God. So this is what it feels like to follow your passion…

Anyway, Baby “S” was brought to the side to get cleaned and measured. She was so clean, virtually free of any vernix! She lay behaved in her bassinet most of the time hardly even crying. I could tell she would be a strong one like her Mommy.

Baby “S” was brought to her family to bond. Mommy’s eyes were fixed at her the entire time!

Daddy and Doctor took a closer look at Baby “S”, both happy and relieved for a job-well-done.

To Baby “S” I wish all the love, comfort and happiness in the world! See you sometime soon!

31 Hours of Labor and Love, a BIRTHstory

This is their BIRTHstory from my eyes…

Mommy messaged me Friday morning informing me that she had been laboring since 2am. At 8am she was 5cm but progressing slowly so the doctor allowed her to labor at home and return to the hospital when her contractions were 5 minutes apart. I called Mommy as soon as I got the message to gauge how far along she was. From her tone, I knew she still had a long way to go. But you never know with births, so I cleared my schedule and patiently waited…

At around 3pm, Mommy messaged me that she had checked in the hospital. Contractions were more regular and she was 5-6cm dilated.

I remember this couple to be such a sweet and giggly pair and I wanted to get some of their untainted moments on camera so I decided to join them in the hospital.

Labor progressed at a very leisure rate with the contractions getting stronger each hour, but the couple remained a smiley, giggly and sweet pair. It was such a blessing to witness how gentle and loving they were towards each other despite the physical pain and emotional anticipation.

Every time a contraction would come, Daddy would immediately drop anything he was doing and run to Mommy’s side to relieve her pain and encourage her.  

Even their doctors were so smiley and jolly the whole time!

At around 6am the next day, the resident doctors informed the couple that Mommy was almost fully dilated. We were all ecstatic! After over 24 hours, Baby was finally going to meet the world! The couple did some trial pushes and were ready to have their ideal birth.

However, labor stopped progressing from there and after over 24 hours of waiting, it was time to opt for a c-sec.

I could see Mommy was disheartened. But Daddy was there to comfort and assure her all the way.

At the operating room, the Doctors skillfully took care of both Mommy and Baby! And after 31 hours of labor (and love), we met an alert, healthy and beautiful baby girl!

This BIRTHstory will be memorable for the longest labor I have attended, for the first cesarean section I photographed, but more importantly for the one where I saw genuine love and friendship between husband and wife. This day I witnessed how the inner strength of a woman and the gentle love of a man can get a family through anything.

See "After Much Anticipation, We Welcome Baby "S" Into the World" for the continuation...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Baby Is a Blessing, No Matter How She Came Into The World.

We live in a very small world. Yesterday, was a day of many firsts. I witnessed my very first labor marathon and first cesarean delivery. It was an experience of many ups and downs definitely worthy of a blog in itself.

For now, I want to dedicate a simple post to a couple I pleasantly stumbled upon at the hospital. I have always been encouraged by their jolly disposition. They were and still are such a happy pair, regardless of the outcome of their birth.

I first met this couple ( during my mom's childbirth class ( a few months back. They were always full of smiles, a couple definitely psyched to have a natural birth - you can tell just by watching them excitedly engage in the classes.

Yesterday, I bumped into the same couple in the hospital as they were walking their now born baby. They both looked radiant and happy as usual. On my brief chat with them, I found out that they ended up having a cesarean birth. But judging from their smiles, it didnt seem to matter much at this point.

I want to encourage all moms... especially first time ones. We all want what is best for our baby. We do everything we can to give them the most perfect jump start to life possible. We try to eat right, exercise, read all the baby books we can find, dress up the nursery to be a cozy haven, fill drawers with all shapes and sizes of baby clothes... We spend time and energy preparing for our birth. Sometimes it goes exactly as planned, but most of the time, unexpected things turn up and our birth turns out to be a complete surprise from what we expected. Sometimes its because of our baby, sometimes its our body, sometimes its our family, our doctor, our nurses... sometimes it just is. When things dont go as planned, try to take things in stride and focus on the good -- a healthy, normal and beautiful baby is many to be grateful for. :)