Monday, July 16, 2012

After Much Anticipation, We Welcome Baby "S", a BIRTHstory

In continuation to my “31 HOURS OF LABOR AND LOVE” post, this entry is dedicated to Baby “S”. After over a day of laboring, Daddy, Mommy and even I were all exhausted. The delivery went by quickly and smoothly and within a few minutes, Baby “S” was welcomed to the world!

She was in no way exhausted like the rest of us though. She came out with an immediate huge cry with her long fingers and toes sprawled all over the place! In my joy, I almost forgot to snap away!

In that moment I thought to myself, I love this job… no, wait… it no longer felt like a job but something I truly enjoyed. In that moment my heart was full. I completely forgot about my lack of sleep and was smiling ear to ear, mesmerized by this newborn creature of God. So this is what it feels like to follow your passion…

Anyway, Baby “S” was brought to the side to get cleaned and measured. She was so clean, virtually free of any vernix! She lay behaved in her bassinet most of the time hardly even crying. I could tell she would be a strong one like her Mommy.

Baby “S” was brought to her family to bond. Mommy’s eyes were fixed at her the entire time!

Daddy and Doctor took a closer look at Baby “S”, both happy and relieved for a job-well-done.

To Baby “S” I wish all the love, comfort and happiness in the world! See you sometime soon!

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