Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Photographing your Childbirth

When I mention to people that I am offering childbirth photography, I am often confronted with perplexed looks.

"Photos of a woman laboring? Isn't that traumatic???"
"My child coming out?? I'm not I want to see that, let alone capture it!"
"Will it not be bloody and gross?"

We photograph special moments of our personal life - our graduation, our out of town trips, the time we get our first car. Childbirth is no less of a special moment. It may possibly be the most physically challenging and rewarding experiences a woman may experience. To see the strength of a woman at this point in her life is remarkable. To see her labor for the sake of her unborn child is a moment worth capturing.

We photograph special moments in our relationship - a proposal, a marriage, a first anniversary. Experiencing childbirth with a loved one, like a husband for example, is a moment worth a million pictures. There is something very touching in the way a husband looks at his wife as she birth's their child - the pride mixed with concern, the love and support and the excitement to meet his newborn baby.

We photograph special moments of our children - the first smile, the first step, the first birthday. The birth of your child is the special time of of all! It is the first time your child takes a breath of air, the first time his skin touches his mother's, the first time he sees his parents, the first time he is introduced to the world.

Childbirth photography is opportunity to capture these special moments. I want to give families the opportunity to relive everything beautiful about the birth of their child, through pictures.

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