Thursday, May 17, 2012

A CLASSstory: PCC 211 Childbirth Class Photos (Part 3 of 3)

My last and final post for the first class of PCC 211... Its been awhile since I last attended my Mom's childbirth class. The last time I sat in a group class, I was still a single teenager. It was always interesting to me, but never relate-able. This time I attended with a different perspective. Just like the other students, I was married. Childbirth and breastfeeding was also very fresh in my memory. 

I still remember the apprehensions I had about giving birth, even more about giving birth naturally! I remember how my husband wanted to offer his support, but often times didnt know exactly how. I remember all the new things happening to my mind and body - the emotional and physical roller coaster of being pregnant for the first time. I remember knowing all this information about being pregnant and giving birth and wanting to impart the knowledge to my husband...

Its amazing how the class helps in all these areas. Its a very casual and comfortable atmosphere that does much more than classroom teaching. Its a very open and free-flowing session. What starts off as a seemingly formal class ends up to be a congregation of friends sharing common experiences and learning from each other.


Here are some snippets from the first class of PCC 211. I chose the photos I like best, but I have much more in file. Feel free to contact me at or +63 917 5342881 if you are interested to take a look of if you want to purchase a copy of your photo/s. 

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  1. Wow, the photos are nicely taken Rej! I love them! I hope you can be in everyone of my classes to capture the moment of my preggy couples bonding together and experiencing a once in a life time moment in their lives. This is a monumental event most especially to first time couples who are eager to learn and to know about their labor and birth. And for you to be able to take their pictures and immortalize the moment is wonderful. Thank you so much for this!