Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A CLASSstory: PCC 211 Childbirth Class Couple Shots (Part 1 of 3)

I took my first attempt on photographing my Mom's childbirth classes a few weeks ago and found it pleasantly fun. The class in so interactive and casual allowing for many photo-worthy moments. I always enjoy witnessing the way a couple interact with each other and communicate their own special "language of love".

Below are some stolen moments. I have titled my photos based on my first impression of couple. Enjoy! If you dont find your photo here, stay tuned for my second post! Feel free to contact me at or +63 917 5342881 if you want to puchase a copy of your photo/s. 

Couple 1: "All Smiles Through Good Times and Bad"



Couple 2: "The Sun Shines Bright"


Couple 3: "Hajimemaste!"


Couple 4: "A Baby Bump" 


Couple 5: "A Million Expressions"

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