Thursday, November 29, 2012

Safe in Mommy's Arms, a NEWBORNstory ++

When I first met this couple, they wanted to do a BIRTHstory. However, they were dead set on delivering via csec and unfortunately their doctor didnt allow non-family members in the operating room. Daddy and Mommy really wanted those precious pictures of their newborn though, especially since they have been trying to conceive for a while now. We decided on the NEWBORNstory instead and a MATERNITY shoot. Now I dont usually offer maternity photography, but the couple requested so I thought to give it a try.

We scheduled the shoot in their home a few Saturdays before their due date. Mommy was so cute. She asked if she should have her hair and makeup done. She openly admitted to being conscious in front of the camera. I told her to do what made her most comfortable and pretty and that we were just going to have fun with it.

And that was exactly what we did! We talked and laughed throughout the shoot. I wanted to stay true to my style and tried to capture candid shots as they spoke of their baby and joked amongst themselves. I wanted to capture the excitement they shared as a family waiting for their baby to be born.

At the end of the shoot I was witness to the gentle spirit of Mommy, the happy and "game" disposition of Daddy, and the brainy beauty of Ate. Im excited to see this family again, but next time with their newborn baby boy. Till next time... :)

Fast forward...

A few weeks after out maternity shoot, Mommy gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I gave the family a few days to rest then visited for their NEWBORNstory shoot. Baby was in the nursery and could only be brought to the holding area so we did our shoot there.

I try my best to stay true to my philosophy when I take photographs. My Story Photography is about capturing special moments in a family's life. I imagine my clients one day in the far future looking through the photographs and reliving a happy time in their life and telling their children about their personal BIRTHstories. To me it is not so much about setting up to get the perfect shot as it is about capturing the beauty of the moment as it happens. Not to say that I dont set up the scene, sometimes it is required, but to me, the moment always precedes the scene. If baby does not feel like being separated from Mommy, if Daddy is anxious having baby handed around, then I do not push for it. It may not result in the best and perfect shot, but who wants to look through pictures later on and remember a stressful time? At the end of the day, I encourage the family to just enjoy and be themselves as I try to capture the natural joy, endearment and excitement of having a new baby.

So that is exactly how we did it. Daddy was so in love and mesmerized by his baby boy. He was a protective father, I could tell. He couldn't stand to see his baby cry and didn't feel comfortable having his baby handed around. Mommy was all-out motherly. She knew how to handle her baby calmly and gently. Even fresh out of a CS operation, she was walking all over the place and carrying her newborn like it was nothing! Her baby absolutely felt secure with her. He wanted to be held by his Mommy and could not bear being separated!

One day, when Baby J sees the pictures, I hope he will know of the special kind of love his protective Daddy and motherly Mommy showered on him when he was just a little newborn. :)

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