Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Little Luna, a HOMEstory slideshow

When I met Daddy and Mommy, we agreed on doing a NEWBORNstory shoot at the hospital. But some complications arose so we decided to wait when all was better. A few weeks later,

Mommy was so organized and prepared! She was calm and composed. It was as if she didn't have a newborn at all! She came complete with outfits, props and even food and drinks for lunch! And there was no yaya in the picture that day! Where does one find the time? Talk about supermom!

Maybe it was because Daddy was so good with Luna. He changed her, fed her, calmed her, put her to sleep... He was like superdad himself!

Or maybe it was because Luna was so easy to take care of! She would hardly fuzz and when she did, a little shushing would calm her down right away. A friend once told me that babies that go through a tough time in the NICU are generally behaved. I wonder if thats true?

Nevertheless, it blessed me to be with this family and see such love and excitement for their baby. We had fun dressing Luna in all the simple silly wishes they had for her - a football (soccer) player, a musician... We took our time and let little Luna set the pace of the shoot. In the end, we got some awesome shots and was even able to sneak a short video.

P.S. I am no videographer, but I like to sneak a few videos here and there. I feel it sometimes helps tell the story...

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