Thursday, October 4, 2012

Amidst A Storm, A Beautiful Boy is Born, A BIRTHstory

Mommy T has been a friend of mine since my younger schooling days. So when I found out she was on the way, I immediately offered to photograph her birth. Much to my delight, she agreed. We were to do a BIRTHstory coverage. However, a few weeks before her due date, we found out that although her OB as amenable, the hospital was quite strict in letting other people besides the husband inside the delivery room. We were both a bit disappointed but agreed that I would still be there to capture what I could.

A few days later, I got a message from Daddy T informing me that they had checked in the hospital at 1cm. I knew it could go quick or slow from there so I kept my schedule free in case labor decided to speed up.

The next day at around 5pm, I decided to pay Daddy and Mommy T a visit. They were checked in a room patiently waiting for labor to progress. Grandpa and Grandma where there as well, all excited and anticipating what was going to happen next.

The last IE read at 3cm. I spent some time with the family and was just in time to witness the next IE which read 5cm! Labor was progressing! Mommy T was wheeled to the delivery room with Daddy close by. We all said our well wishes and saw them off with one thing in mind: the next time we see them they would be a happy threesome!

I headed out to dinner and waited for Daddy T to let me know when their bundle was delivered. By 1am the next day, I still hadn’t heard from Daddy T, so I decided to give the hospital a ring. I found out that Mommy T was to undergo an cesarean due to the baby’s heartbeat declining. I knew I had to be at the hospital at least an hour later to get some good post-delivery pictures! I quickly grabbed my gear and made my way.

When I got to the hospital, Daddy and Mommy were still in the delivery room but a few minutes later the baby was delivered and brought to the nursery. I quickly called Grandpa and Grandma and we all headed to greet Baby J.

It was a happy moment. Baby J was a big and healthy baby boy. We watched him through the nursery glass as he got accustomed to his new world. Daddy was full of smiles and I think I even caught a few happy inside tears from Grandpa and Grandma.

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