Friday, October 19, 2012

A Big Baby Boy, a Brave Mommy, and a Supportive Daddy, a BIRTHstory

Every birth I cover is different and special in its own way. I will remember this birth for the big baby boy they delivered. This is their BIRTHstory from my eyes.

A few days before Mommy hit 40 weeks, Daddy informed me that if labor didn’t start in a few days, they were going to get induced. I cleared out my schedule and waited for their call. A day before THE day, I received a message informing me that their baby was getting quite huge and they were opting for a scheduled cesarean instead.

At 1pm, Daddy gave me the signal that they were going to make their way to the delivery room in an hour or so and that I would be joining them. I excitedly made my way to the hospital. I usually meet my clients before the delivery, but given the short notice, this was the first time I was meeting Daddy and Mommy. I found out that Daddy had a twin, and if they told me they were carrying twins as well I would have been convinced. Mommy was long and slender but in her tummy seemed to sport a large baby boy indeed!

We made our way to the delivery room to get prepped. I could see the anxiousness mixed with excitement in their eyes! In a few hours, they were going to meet their baby!

At around 5:00pm, Daddy and I were called into the OR to join Mommy. I could see Mommy was quite nervous but she remained calm and strong the entire time. Daddy stayed beside Mommy, holding and reassuring her.

I watched this couple as they went through their long-anticipated moment and reveled on how they found strength and comfort in each other.

A few minutes before 5:15pm, they were ready to deliver Baby R! He was a big one indeed. It was quite a challenge to pull him out. We all marveled when we first saw his chubby cheeks and full body! Did Mommy just birth a 3-month old? He was round and healthy and measured big for his age in every aspect.

Mommy was exhausted and nauseous from the medication, but when she saw her son up close, she let out a radiant smile.

I could tell Daddy was a very proud father. He had no trouble carrying his not-so-little one. Once he held him, he seemed to no longer want to let him go!

Congratulations to the family for a perfect baby boy. May this wonderful addition bring even more joy and love to your home.

Here's the email I received from the couple a few days later when I showed them the edited files and photo slideshow. It was so sweet, I was extremely touched :)

Dearest Rej,

Awwww... this is just perfect! It's the perfect BIRTHstory of our son. Thank you so much for documenting this event for us. We will always relive the happiness of that day through your photos. We did not make a mistake in choosing you to do our birth photos... From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, thank you for this wonderful photos you did for us.

I want to share it on FB and show every Mom/ Dad to be that this is one (to professionally hire a photographer) of the greatest decisions they will make when they give birth.

We are so happy... Thank you so much again.

Mommy and Daddy

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