Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Twice the LOVE!, Teaser Post

What an awesome day! Couldn't wait until I browsed through all my hundreds of pictures before posting this. Such adorable twins!!! 

L1 and L2 in their baptismal outfits. Doesn't she just look so dainty and feminine and he so "macho" and playful?

Extremely adorable! I cant say it enough! Love their outfits here :) Thanks to Ninang C for picking them out.

CUTENESS!!!!!!! :) It was tough getting them both in this position, he was a crawler and wanted to go places! She was a bit different though and simply loved it in this nook!

Hmmmmm... flash-forward, 18 years from now? hehehe :) More pictures to come, stay tuned!

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